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Follow the procedure below to submit a Full Paper:

(a) Download the ICOBM'19 full paper template and apply the exact format to your full paper.

(b) Name your full paper using the following format 'Surname_FullPaperSubmission.doc'

(c) Send your full paper to the scientific committee by email to submissions@icobm.net

**Please note that the deadline for Full Paper Submissions is 10th of October, 2019

Review Policy

The following review policy is applicable to all full paper submissions for the ICOBM'19 event. All full paper submissions will initially undergo a preliminary review process to determine eligibility for presentation at the ICOBM'19 event and eligibility for publication in our official ICOBM'19 Conference Proceedings with a unique ISBN. Authors of full papers which have successfully passed the preliminary review process will be required to proceed to register and secure a place at the ICOBM'19 event.


Simultaneously, a double-blind peer-review process will be automatically initiated for full papers that have successfully passed the preliminary review stage for publication consideration in any of our affiliate SSCI or  ESCI + SCOPUS indexed journals.

While we will do our best to ensure that feedback regarding recommended corrections and the status of submitted full papers are provided on time, the actual duration of the process will depend on how early full paper submissions were made, the extent of recommended corrections and changes given, the time period within which the authors are able to make the recommended changes and the reviewers' decision on the final status of the paper.

However, interactions between the full paper author(s) and reviewers will be ongoing before and during the conference event (if need be). Participants can also incorporate recommendations and suggestions from other participants at the ICOBM'19 during the presentation of their paper in addition to the reviewers' comments and suggestions.


***Please note that all submitted full papers will be considered for publication in all three publication outlets and after the review process, authors will be directly informed about the particular publication outlet(s) where their full papers have been considered appropriate for publication. 

A Re-cap of the Procedure for Participating in the ICOBM'19 Event

Participating in the ICOBM'19 event, entails a four step sequential process:

(1) Submit a full paper

(2) Receive review and presentation-eligibility decision (within 4 days of submission)

(3) Register for the conference 

(4) Final paper submission: Authors who wish to have their papers considered for publication in our SSCI and ESCI+SCOPUS indexed affiliate journals will need to submit the final formatted manuscript (effecting all of the corrections suggested by the reviewers as at when due) 

For more information, please contact the submissions and program coordinator at: programcoordinator@icobm.net

Submit a Full Paper Now!



Please email all full paper submissions to:


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