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Abstracts or full papers are eligible for presentation at the ICOBM'19 event. All submitted abstracts or full papers will undergo preliminary review (within 4 business days) to ensure that they fall within the scope of the event. All successful abstracts and full papers at the preliminary review stage are eligible for presentation at the ICOBM'19 event. They are also eligible for publication in the official ICOBM'19 Abstracts Book with a unique ISBN and in the official ICOBM'19 Conference Proceedings with a unique ISBN respectively. Authors who would like to have their full papers also considered for publication in any of our affiliate SSCI or ESCI+SCOPUS journals should note that a double blind review will be automatically initiated for all full papers submitted and the review feedback process will be ongoing until the conference dates.


After successfully passing the preliminary review process, authors of abstracts or full papers with preliminary acceptance for presentation will be required to complete the registration process and secure a place at the event. 

To proceed, please follow the guidelines below:

Abstract Submissions

Authors whose research projects are ongoing or incomplete can present only abstracts, proposals or excerpts of their work at the ICOBM'19 event. The event presents such authors with the opportunity to sound off ideas and receive valuable suggestions and recommendations from colleagues in attendance. All accepted abstracts which fall within the scope of the conference will be published in an abstract booklet with a unique ISBN. However all authors of accepted abstracts who eventually would like to have their full papers published through any of our full paper publication outlets will have to submit their full papers (see the 'Full Paper Submission' section below for more) before the deadline.

Please only use this submission option if you prefer to:

(a) only present an abstract, proposal or paper excerpt at the ICOBM'19

(b) only present the abstract of a full paper which is currently incomplete but which you intend to complete before the ICOBM'19 event and have considered for publication in any of our three full paper publication outlets.

**Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is 10th of October, 2019.

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Full Paper Submissions

Authors of completed full papers who wish to have them presented (in person or virtually) at the conference and published in the ICOBM'19 Official Conference Proceedings with a unique ISBN are required to initially submit them for the preliminary review process to ensure eligibility. All full papers which are successful at the preliminary review stage are eligible for presentation at the ICOBM'19 event and will automatically be included in the Official Conference Proceeding.

In addition, a double blind review process will automatically be initiated for all full papers successful at the preliminary review stage in order to consider them for publication in any of our two affiliate journals:

(1) TBA/  (SSCI indexed ) and

(2) TBA/ (ESCI and SCOPUS indexed)

Please only use this submission option if you fall within any of the following categories:

(a) your full paper is complete 

(b) you made an abstract- only submission earlier on, which passed the preliminary review process and you now want to have your full paper considered for publication.

(c) you would like to have your full paper published in any of our three full paper publication outlets.

***Please do not submit abstracts in this section (use the Abstract Submission portal above to make abstract-only submissions)

***Please note that submission of full papers is optional, abstract-only submissions are also welcome (see the Abstract Submission section above). Also Authors might choose to have their full papers included only in the official conference proceedings and not considered for publication in our affiliate journals)

**Please also note that the deadline for the initial full paper submission is the 10th of October, 2019.

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Review Policy

**Please Kindly Read This Section Carefully**

The following review policy is applicable to all submissions for the ICOBM'19 event. Initially, participants are required to submit an abstract, proposal or full paper for preliminary screening. Upon the submission of an abstract, proposal or full paper, a preliminary review committee promptly reviews all submissions and provides feedback on the review outcome within 4 business days. This preliminary review concerns itself with the following:

  1. ensuring that submissions are relevant to the scope of the ICOBM'19 conference,

  2. ensuring that submissions are prepared using the provided abstract submission template, and

  3. ensuring that submissions make a relevant contribution.                                                                                                               

Abstracts which meet the three criteria above, will be issued provisional acceptance letters which only makes them eligible to present their abstracts, proposals and full papers at the conference and have their full paper submissions published in the official ICOBM'19 conference proceedings book with a unique ISBN (to be indexed in Thompson Rueter's CPCI), while abstracts-only submissions are published in the official ICOBM'19 Abstracts Book with a unique ISBN.

Authors of successful submissions at the preliminary stage, are then required to complete the registration process and secure a place at the ICOBM'19 event. After which they are subsequently required to submit the final versions of their full papers for publication in our Official Conference Proceedings or for consideration in any of our SSCI and ESCI + SCOPUS indexed publication outlets.


For a recap of the sequential procedure for participation at the ICOBM'19 event, please see below:


Procedure for Participating

Participating in the ICOBM'19 event, entails a four step sequential process:

(1) Submit an abstract or full paper

(2) Receive review and presentation-eligibility decision (within 4 days of submission)

(3) Register for the conference 

(4) Final paper submission: Authors who wish to have their papers considered for publication in our SSCI and ESCI+SCOPUS indexed affiliate journals will need to submit the final formatted manuscript (effecting all of the corrections suggested by the reviewers as at when due) 

For more information, please contact the submissions and program coordinator at:

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